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Years of hands-on experience working with many of the most successful brands in the business together with in-depth knowledge of nearly every gaming platform culminates in a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips.

For the past 20 years our iGaming consultants have driven leading iGaming Operations and assisted with a wide range of technical projects including Tier 1 sports betting RFP’s for New Jersey, sports and casino gaming platform development, deployment and analysis for major sports betting, casino brands and market leading platform providers. 


If it concerns technology then we can help, if it concerns the process then we can help, if it concerns the people then we can help. Whether it's selecting the platform to grow your business on, entering new markets or verticals, scaling an existing operation or a security concern we bring a wealth of experience to the table.


We have extensive knowledge of the licensing process in a wide range of mainstream markets and have established connections with both regulator and local partners. Using our consultant services will ensure that your license application will be expedited.


We have worked closely with regulators in nearly every jurisdiction and have a solid understanding of what the authority need to see. We will get you in shape to complete in-house audits and then host your final audits with the regulator to ensure that every box is ticked and your license can be granted smoothly.

Platform Selection

We have extensive knowledge of all major and many under-the-radar platforms that are in circulation. We have performed extensive technical due-diligence processes on nearly all of these platforms and can advise the nuances of each of them. Together with this we have direct access to the suppliers and the confidence to move quickly.


We have worked with a wide range of affiliate marketing and affiliate management organisations and can give personal recommendations and introductions to the leaders in your target market.


Our experience in the field of payment processing extends from card scheme management in Europe through to developing farmers in China. We are very well connected in this space and happy to drive you in the right direction.

“He has proved invaluable to me as a sounding board, advice giver and facilitator."
AJ is an extremely experienced and capable gaming professional. He has proved invaluable to me as a sounding board, advice giver and facilitator. He has contacts from across the worldwide industry and he is able to provide support and knowledge on a wide range of topics. He also manages to strike a great balance between hardcore technical knowhow, and a practical and proactive business outlook as well. I would highly recommend working with or for AJ, and can confidently state that he’d make a strong addition to any senior management team, project or workload within the industry.
iGaming Consultants | | Luke Turner
Luke Turner


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About Us

GamingXperts have been focused on the global gaming market and assisting leading sportsbook and online casino brands for over 20 years. Working with companies such as Pinnacle, Bodog, Expekt and Sappaya we have built a reputation for high quality specialist consulting, product selection and M&A advisory.

We have extensive experience and unrivalled insight of the technical aspects throughout the online gaming space together with access to a highly influential network of people, resources and tools. We are not theoretical consultants, we will lead you to your goal and walk you there in person.

The repeal of PASPA opens up a whole world of sportsbetting to a new breed of players”

Aj Thompson

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“AJ is not a magician, but still possesses a magic wand.”
AJ made a great impression. He not only were very experienced (generations back, in his family!) with betting and gambling. But he also showed great maturity when it came to software development. A great dedication, and yet great sense of humor and "distance" to work, proved to me that AJ were a professional that I feel comfortable working with. AJ is not a magician, but still possesses a magic wand and a fantastic network that makes things happen. I've worked with many really great software professionals, and AJ is one of them.
iGaming Consultants | | Johann Nasman
Johan Näsman