iGaming Platforms

As you are reading this page then I think that it's pretty safe to assume that you have attended at least one International Casino Exhibition (ICE), either physically or virtually. At these shows you will have seen what appears to be an abundance of new and established platforms all sporting an unsurmountable list of bells and whistles all vying to get your attention. Unfortunately most of these bells and whistles simply don't work and many will never work. When it comes to Tier 1 & Tier 2 platforms that actually do what they are intended to, the list gets reduced very quickly. In the coming pages I aim to give you an overview of the key vendors and their products that you should be looking at.


Primary iGaming Platform Types

Sports Betting Platforms

Sports betting platforms have come a very long way since we saw the first online efforts back in 1996. The coverage of monthly sporting content has become huge and the variety of betting opportunities has grown exponentially. The proliferation of live and in-running betting options together with the take up of mobile and omni-channel operations means that the player is never far from a betting shop. In our overview of sports betting platforms we outline the key areas that we believe should be important to you.

Online Casino Platforms

Your core casino platform needs to allow your team to operate the online casino in an agile and efficient manner. Nearly all modern casino platforms have developed into a mix of core functionality together with management tools for aggregated content; it seems that an online offering wouldn't be considered competitive unless catering for a minimum of 3-4,000 games titles as well as having some underlying USP's to allow you to differentiate yourselves from the plethora of competitors.


The concept of a Player Account Management system (or PAM as we like to abbreviate it to) is a reasonably recent extension within our industry. The crown jewels of your operation are you players and how you look after them will be the difference between you succeeding or failing in our game. A functional PAM will oversee all aspects of the player lifecycle from player acquisition through to retention and every part within that player journey.

iGaming Platform Categorisation

Open Platforms

If it concerns the technology then we can help. Whether it's selecting the platform to grow your business with, enter a new market or vertical, scaling an existing operation or a security worry we bring a wealth of experience in iGaming Services to the table.

Closed Platforms

We have extensive knowledge of all major and most up & coming or under-the-radar platforms that are in circulation. We have built extensive technical due-diligence matrices and have direct access to the suppliers best people.

Marketing Inspired

Selecting the correct vendor is no longer a case of whose product is superior. This is going to be a long term commitment with extensive investment of your time. It's important to ensure that cultural and working practises align.

""Working in Asia many years ago and I was asked to travel to Nepal to meet with three of the largest operators North, South and West of the Himalayas. I'm trying to wow them with a fantastic sportsbook design when the wisest one said 'Aj, the entertainment is the game, we are merely the cashiers'. My views on sportsbook design were changed in an instant!."
iGaming Consultant | Aj Thompson
Aj Thompson