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With GamingXperts, you don’t have to be a sports betting expert to make the right choices and attract more players.

Platform Selection

We have extensive knowledge of all major and most up & coming or under-the-radar platforms that are in circulation. We have built extensive technical due-diligence matrices and have direct access to the suppliers best people.

Technical Roadmaps

With the platform selection under-way we can work with your team to develop the full technical roadmap to see you get into production. If you're moving platforms then we will optimise your integration and migration plans.

Payment Processing

Our experience in the field of payment processing extends from card scheme management in Europe through to developing farmers in China. We are very well connected in this space and happy to drive you in the right direction.


We have worked closely with regulators in nearly every jurisdiction and have a solid understanding of what the authority need to see. We will get you in shape to complete in-house audits and then host your final audits with the regulator to ensure that every box is ticked and your license can be granted smoothly.

We work with the Innovators...

Gambling Consulting
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Platform Analysis
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We’ve worked with nearly all of the platforms in the market and some that you will have never seen. We are the platform subject matter experts.

Vendor Selection
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With the wrong partner your project could be heading downhill before you begin. We can advise on the operational and cultural fit that you need to succeed.

Technical ServiceS
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From specification to integration we offer all technical services required to drive your project into production. 

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Our Favourite Clients

With over two decades of experience in online gaming our client list is quite substantial, but here's a few of our favourites.
iGaming Consultants | | Leander Games
High5Casino | | Technical iGaming Consultancy

Service Specialities

We can assist you with all aspects of your business but afew of our specialities are listed below:-

Sports Betting
Online & MObile Casino
Payment Processing
Technical Roadmaps & Services